THE Economic Virtual Airline

Founded in 2020 in order to create a US-based airline with military and civilian fleets for the FSAirlines Community, we deliver an enjoyable experience for our pilots. FSAirlines provides purpose for our flight simulation experience by providing cargo and passengers for delivery along custom and real-world routes. Our pilots belong to a community of simulator enthusiasts. Together we will go ALL THE WAY!

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pax & cargo jobs

Paying one of the higher rates to our pilots, All American recognizes its existence is based on delighted aviators. Without pilots there is no airline. We appreciate you and we are always looking for more All Americans!

U.s.a. operations

With hubs in Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, Anchorage, Chicago, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Washington D.C., and Dallas, All American services the majority of the CONUS.

heavy aircraft

All American operates large aircraft: 747-400F,747-800F, 757-300, 767-300F, 777-200LR, 787-10, C-130 and C-17 are our heavier planes. We fly Airbus aircraft in Europe. We also operate many smaller aircraft compatible with MSFS 2020, Prepar3D, and X-plane 11. We strive for diverse fleets, scenic views, popular airports, and freedom in flight.

military ops

All American was build to honor the 82nd and 101 Airborne Divisions. Flying between military installations, All American is one of only six airlines in the FSAirlines Community to own and operate the massive C-17 Globemaster III for military operations. Our "Screaming Eagles" Fleet specializes in aircraft used by the military.

europeAN ops

We reach far and wide with European Command (EUCOM). Flights are based on Lufthansa & Eurowings routes. Enjoy the beautiful skies and locations of Europe! EUCOM also has our heaviest concentration of Airbus aircraft. If you like Airbus,you will love flying with EUCOM.

ALASKA & Rotary ops

Explore the Last Frontier in a variety of ways: bush planes, turbo props, float planes, or many different helicopters. Mountains, glaciers, valleys, and vast plains await exploration in the arctic! Alaska is calling you.

Vision ~ Goals ~ Strategy

Our vision is: All American is a USA-based, fun, low-stress, and low-demand airline with loyal pilots working together to form community within FSAirlines.

Our Goals are:

  1. Sustain friendships within the All American Community and help each other increase our flying skills

  2. Attract new pilots who enjoy flying and fit the All American ethos, and

  3. Sustain profitable operations while increasing diverse fleets and routes.

Our Strategy is: In order to achieve these goals, we depend on our pilots to:

  1. Interact on Discord, follow the pilot handbook, participate in Airline events, and treat each other with dignity and respect;

  2. “Spread the word” about AAL in other Discord servers and Social Media outlets and vote monthly on; and

  3. Regularly fly and contribute to the life of the airline.

The leadership of AAL commits to:

  1. Model respect and collegiality;

2. Resource and train pilots to be successful;

3. Communicate the vision and strategy for AAL; and

4. Recruit, train, and develop managers and developers.

ALL AMERICAN IS Operational on the FSAirlines Economy

All American functions on the "FSAirlines" economy solution. FSAirlines is an economic simulation under development for users of various flight simulators such as Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS9, FSX, FSX SE, FS2020), P3D and X-Plane. FSAirlines is primarily aimed at flight sim pilots who are bored with flying around aimlessly. FSAirlines enriches and enhances the flying experience by adding passengers and cargo to routes, charter flights, and shared cockpit capability. Register for an account and join "All American" today!

All American Executive Officers

President: Latitude24

CEO: ravenblade

CFO: Tummi

COO: sbound